Visit Aquafit in London Ontario to treat unrelenting lower back pain with innovative models of rehabilitation. Remember what it feels like to move freely with a professional treatment program specifically designed to relieve back pain. Our physiotherapy facility offers private spaces for strengthening exercises, as well as hydrotherapy pools that may be incorporated into your back pain treatments. Our active therapy regime involves patients engaging in exercises and stretches that strengthen the muscles around the bony spine. These physiotherapy exercises for back pain and injury help our patients to rebuild a robust belt of muscles around their lumbar spine. These muscles protect you while you move, and ward off future back pain.

At Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic, our patients also have access to professional hydrotherapy treatments for back pain. We have pools specially designed to facilitate physical rehabilitation while minimizing the strain that is placed on your spine. Buoyancy enables our patients to stretch and exercise free from pain, catalyzing their journey towards reduced inflammation in their lower backs. Hydrotherapy is an effective treatment for back pain because water provides resistance to motion in a safe and comfortable way. Patients are able to challenge themselves, but the fluidity of water limits weight bearing, as well as jerky, potentially harmful movements.
If you are seeking relief from back pain, contact Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic. Our comprehensive care will help you to ease your back problems in safe and sustainable ways. Don’t just ignore your aching spine; seek help from professionals who combine hydrotherapy and physiotherapy to better your odds in the battle against back pain.

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