At Aquafit, we use therapeutic exercises to facilitate a wide range of physical activities

The main goal of therapeutic exercises is helping you maintain the strength, endurance, stability, flexibility and balance that your body was designed for. Our aim is to help injured patients return to a pain-free and fully functioning state by reducing pain and inflammation.

Our team of registered health professionals will work with you to assess your physical capabilities and will design a unique treatment plan with a gradually increasing exercise program. Our physiotherapists will monitor your progress, ensure you are completing the exercises safely, and help you with the physical movements if necessary. As you progress, your treatment plan will be modified to account for changes and ensure that you continue to heal in the most effective way possible.


Apart from exercise that is specifically therapeutic, regular exercise is also an important part of our lives regardless of age, gender or fitness level. It helps keep us healthy by maintaining the strength of our heart, lungs, bones and muscles. Exercise also releases natural pain killers called endorphins that are found in our bodies and help to reduce pain, improve the quality of sleep and elevate mood and energy levels. Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise daily and the professionals can help you meet this goal in their state-of-the-art private facility.


Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise:

• Improved range of motion in affected painful joints

• Corrected muscle imbalance and posture

• Reduced muscular tension

• Improved elasticity in contracted soft tissue

• Reduced pain

• Accelerated healing

• Increased strength of weak or atrorphied muscles

Therapeutic Exercise Can Help:

• Prevent excess weight gain or maintain a healthy weight

• Reduce the risk of exercise-induced asthma

• Improve your mood due to the release of serotonin in your brain

• Prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and type 2 diabetes

• Clear airways and build muscle mass in Cystic Fibrosis sufferers

• Boost your energy by helping your body work more effectively

• Improve quality of sleep

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