Don’t wait to discover effective treatments for arthritis and arthritic pain at Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic in London, Ontario. Arthritis negatively affects the lives of millions of Canadians. From intense pain to a decreased range of motion, arthritis sufferers are plagued by the symptoms of arthritis every single day. Worse yet, arthritis is a progressive disease and over time, it may put a stop to all of the activities that enrich your life.
The two most common types of arthritis are Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent type of arthritis, affecting one in ten Canadian adults. When a patient has Osteoarthritis, the cartilage surrounding the joints begins to wear away. The loss of this protective cushion results in swelling and burning. Overtime, if Osteoarthritis is left untreated, the joint may become enlarged with a boney appearance as the body tries to heal itself. Once the cartilage is entirely worn away, the pain radiating from these joints will become extremely severe as the bones begin to rub directly against one another.

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder whereby your immune system mistakes the lining of the joints for a foreign body and begins to attack this lining where the two bones connect. This causes painful swelling, decreases the range of motion in the affected joints, and increases friction between the joints resulting in damage and stiffness.

Many patients diagnosed with arthritis are prescribed medications that reduce inflammation. However, to actively reduce symptoms and slow the negative affects of arthritis it is recommended that patients supplement medication with customized therapy regimes. One tell tale sign of arthritis is radiating pain and inflammation throughout the affected joints. Aquafit provides traditional treatment combined with warm water treatments, as well as electro therapy to reduce swelling and promote healing. Our experienced massage therapists will also be able to manipulate your muscles and joints to provide some immediate relief from arthritic pain. Our physiotherapists combine these passive therapy models with active exercise to ease your symptoms and to provide long-term management techniques for your unique case of arthritis.

Treatments for Arthritic Pain | Hydrotherapy for Arthritis in London, OntarioPhysiotherapy helps you to manage the two most popular types of arthritis, as well as the hundreds of other types of arthritis that may be negatively affecting your quality of life. At Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic in London, Ontario, we welcome patients who are suffering from arthritis, as we are able to offer comprehensive care that reduces symptoms and helps patients to manage their arthritis. Our professional physiotherapists will initiate a wide range of tests to determine what type of treatment will best suit your ailment. From there, we can begin to ease your arthritic pain using therapeutic exercises, passive therapy, and hydrotherapy.
Patients with arthritis must stay active to avoid inadvertently catalyzing their decreased range of motion. Therapeutic exercises are a key component to battling arthritis. They enhance joint function and posture, as well as improve the strength of the muscles and ligaments stabilizing the affected joints. Many patients are afraid of activating their stiff and swollen joints for fear of the, often, intense pain and potential of further damage. For many of our patients, hydrotherapy is the perfect solution as it enables us to treat symptoms in a safe and pain-free way.
Aquafit’s hydrotherapy pools provide a warm, buoyant environment that enables our patients to improve their ranges of motion and to strengthen their impaired joints. This warm environment soothes inflammation and increases blood flow, delivering oxygen-rich blood to the areas of the body affected by arthritis. Hydrotherapy is an impact-free way to attain sustainable positive results that will noticeably improve your quality of life.

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Don’t suffer any longer. Find relief from arthritic pain at Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic in London, Ontario. If you have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, be proactive about your prognosis and contact Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic today. If you have suffered with arthritic pain for long enough, our physiotherapists will help you to rediscover physical freedom, decreased stress, and the fun of a potentially pain-free life.

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