Rotator cuff injuries are very common shoulder injuries that may cause moderate to severe discomfort – depending on the type and severity of the injury. Oftentimes, patients experience a rotator cuff injury after playing ball sports, swimming, or repeatedly lifting weights over and above their heads. However, rotator cuff injuries may also occur as a result of a fall or repetitive motions that place undue stress on the shoulder blade and surrounding muscles.

Your shoulder is composed of an unstable ball in socket joint. This joint is controlled by ligaments and a group of muscles called the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff stabilizes shoulder movement, enabling the bones to glide seamlessly without friction or resistance. When the rotator cuff is damaged, compressed or inflamed, patients will experience a variety of painful indicators that signal an injury has occurred. Symptoms may include an audible clicking sound in the shoulder, pain that radiates from the top of the shoulder blade to the back and/or elbow, and muscle weakness when attempting to lift or reach with the damaged shoulder.

Many muscles and tendons affect your shoulder’s mobility. Without a professional assessment, identifying the cause of discomfort can be difficult. To avoid further aggravation, seeking medical treatment for persistent shoulder pain is essential. Visiting a licensed physiotherapist will enable you to properly identify and treat the underlying cause.

At Aquafit in London Ontario, we treat rotator cuff injuries with passive and active therapeutic regimes. Our treatment programs provide immediate and long-term relief so that patients can return to work, sports, and daily living with increased levels of comfort. From massage therapy to hot and cold compresses, our passive treatments ease swelling and discomfort. Then, once a patient is ready, we introduce therapeutic exercises that strengthen the rotator cuff, speeding up rehabilitation and minimizing the likelihood of re-injury.

Our hydrotherapy pools provide a safe and comfortable place for our patients to begin to heal and strengthen their rotator cuffs. The warm water creates a sensation of weightlessness, empowering our patients to explore a variety of exercises and stretches without pain or the fear of straining the compromised shoulder blade. Hydrotherapy for rotator cuff injuries is especially effective when preparing a patient for surgery or for enhancing rehabilitation after a tear in the rotator cuff has been mended.
Aquafit’s physical therapy for rotator cuff injuries targets the small shoulder muscles that are often neglected during regular exercise routines. Over time, our London Ontario patients experience increased flexibility and strength. They are able to lift, swing, throw and rest much more easily and with a far greater degree of comfort.

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If you are hoping to restore your shoulder’s full range of motion, then consider booking a physical therapy appointment at our professional care clinic. Our staff has extensive experience helping patients of all ages and abilities to recover from rotator cuff injuries. Contact our physiotherapy clinic in London, Ontario today and look forward to regaining the stability and strength that allows you to enjoy a day without pain.

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