Physiotherapy for knee injuries will reduce your pain, increase your mobility, and enable you to enjoy the activities that your injury once made difficult. Knee injuries are common ailments that compromise the physical freedom of active adults. From young adults to elderly patients, Aquafit Physiotherapy Clinic in London, Ontario helps patients to overcome the unique challenges that a knee injury creates.

Knee injury can occur for many reasons. An Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture (ACL tear) is often the result of a sudden twist or an immense pressure impacting the knee while playing sports. An ACL tear may cause patients a sudden, intense pain. Following the injury, patients will experience swelling in and around the knee, as well as stiffness and instability. While ACL ruptures are a very common knee injury, our professional physiotherapists are able to aid patients who are suffering with any knee injury from the long list of possibilities.

Our physiotherapy clinic sees many patients who have experienced ligament sprains and cartilage tears. Ligaments hold the knee together, stabilizing the large socket and enabling the ball joint to glide smoothly when in motion. Ligament sprains are often the result of a sudden movement that causes the knee to twist or turn in an unnatural way. On the other hand, cartilage tears often occur during weight bearing exercises where undo pressure is placed on the knee. Cartilage tears result in a patient’s inability to straighten their knee. Tears in the meniscus are serious and painful injuries. Following a tear, the knee and surrounding area will become inflamed, swollen, and bearing weight may become excruciating.

Knee injuries may occur suddenly while jumping or lifting weights. However, patients also suffer severe knee injuries as a result of degenerative wear and tear. Athletes and non-athletes alike may push themselves and attempt to resume activity after a knee injury. By pushing the knee after a tear or sprain, patients expose themselves to additional injury. The pain, swelling and stiffness affecting the knee will intensify, and patients run the risk of compounding the severity of their injury. When suffering with the symptoms of a knee injury, it is important to seek a professional opinion. Correctly identifying the exact cause and consequence of your injury is often difficult, and a proper diagnosis will speed up healing and prevent further damage.

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